Class Size = 4
$200 (= $25/class)
8 Classes

In the Beginner Series you will learn the fundamental goals, principles and exercises of Classical Pilates. We use four of the major pieces of Pilates equipment – the reformer, tower, chair and mat – along with a few minor pieces. Each class focuses on one of the major pieces. We start out slow, taking the proper time needed to learn a selection of exercises. The second half of the series is a touch faster and more flowing than the first half.

By the end of the eight classes you will notice improvements in a number of areas: strength, flexibility, posture, body awareness and stress levels, to name a few.

** Please note: if you have been recently injured, you must first ask your doctor or physiotherapist for their approval before starting Pilates classes. This is a fitness-based rather than rehab-based class.

Instructor: Oliver Giving

Cancellation Policy


Starting January 8th*

*7 classes for $175

Starting February 26th

Starting February 27th

Starting March 1st

Starting March 2nd

* There WILL be a class on Good Friday, March 30th

None of the above time options work for you? You can onboard with Tone Pilates through Private Classes. Doing 3 Private Classes will give you the prerequisites to take our Rookie Level group classes.