Class Size = 4
$200 (= $25/class)
8 Classes

In the Beginner Series you will learn the fundamental goals, principles and exercises of Classical Pilates. We use four of the major pieces of Pilates equipment – the reformer, tower, chair and mat – along with a few minor pieces. Each class focuses on one of the major pieces. We start out slow, taking the proper time needed to learn a selection of exercises. The second half of the series is a touch faster and more flowing than the first half.

By the end of the eight classes you will notice improvements in a number of areas: strength, flexibility, posture, body awareness and stress levels, to name a few.

** Please note: if you have been recently injured, you must first ask your doctor or physiotherapist for their approval before starting Pilates classes. This is a fitness-based rather than rehab-based class.

Instructor: Oliver Giving

Cancellation Policy


Starting May 7th

** There WILL be a class on Victoria Day, Monday May 21st

Starting May 8th

Starting May 10th

None of the above time options work for you? You can onboard with Tone Pilates through Private Classes. Doing 3 Private Classes will give you the prerequisites to take our Rookie Level group classes.