Classical Pilates Instructor


This job opening is for 8-10 hours per week of classes. The exact days/times are dependent on your availability. There is a certain amount of flexibility in this regard. Once these classes are established there will likely be an opportunity for more hours.

Start Date

March 2019 (flexible)


  • Teaching 4-person group classes, private classes and duet classes (on mat, tower, reformer, chair, pedi pole, barrels). All classes are 55 minutes with a 5 minute transition time in between.
  • Dust mopping the floor
  • Setting up equipment before your first class of the day and doing any tidying up needed in the 5-minute transition between classes. Clients help with equipment cleaning.
  • Assisting with sales to clients who are onboarding by talking about what comes next should they want to continue with classes after their onboarding process is complete
  • Participating in infrequent staff meetings (paid)
  • Participating in infrequent photo/video shoots for marketing purposes (paid)


  • Punctual and reliable
  • Team player
  • Graduated from a well-regarded Classical Pilates teacher training program of 450 hours or more
  • Certified on all equipment and mat
  • Minimum one-year teaching experience in a fully equipped studio (not including hours taught in teacher training program)
  • Experienced teaching both group and private classes with a high skill level
  • Skilled at modifying the Pilates repertoire for client limitations (examples: neck pain, limited shoulder ROM, wrist pain). Note that Tone Pilates is a fitness-based studio and all new clients are screened for injuries. We’ll do our best to make sure you never have a new client who is unfit for the class.
  • Have a legal right to work in Canada
  • Computer/internet literate
  • Have an Apple or Android smartphone with space for a few work-related apps
  • Friendly, outgoing and motivational
  • Committed to professional development and continuing education


  • Pilates Method Alliance certified
  • Teacher training program was more than 450 hours
  • More than one year of teaching experience in a fully equipped studio
  • A background in other fitness/movement/health modalities (examples: dance, body rolling, yoga, swimming, TRX, martial arts, etc)
  • Robust LinkedIn profile (many recommendations, testimonials, etc)
  • CPR certification

Compensation & Benefits

  • $40 /hour
  • Wages paid via direct deposit
  • An extra $1 /hour for exclusive use towards Pilates/movement workshops
  • One group class /week that you can book as far in advance as you want. One additional group class /week that you can book 24 or fewer hours in advance.
  • Pilates Anytime access

Apply For This Job

After filling out this application form, please email your resume and cover letter to