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Guide people towards mastery of their body and Pilates practice.

Who is Tone Pilates?

We believe that Pilates is more than a workout. It is a way of life. 

Our founder Oliver Giving found Pilates as many do: through injury. But discovered himself and his calling through his practice. 

Tone Pilates was born.

Since opening our doors in 2016, we have been helping people unlock their true physical potential and achieve mastery of body, mind and spirit through our authentic Classical Pilates practice; which our students say is as smart and efficient, as it is energizing and fun.

Our approach follows that first developed by health guru, and Pilates creator, Joseph Pilates. Using clear verbal, visual and tactile cues, we teach our students how to achieve a deep awareness of their core and harness their true inner power; while we work to build them a strong and aligned frame. 

Our classes are small and intimate to allow our instructors to give our students personalized, hands-on guidance while they are mentored through each exercise. Our classes are structured using a progression system. This gives our students a clear, personalized path to advance through as we guide them towards mastery of their body and practice. 

Our studio is boutique and fully equipped with all major pieces of Pilates equipment;. It is also beautifully located on the False Creek seawall—just a few blocks from a skytrain station—making it a joy to get to.

Our focus is on bettering the body through proper movement. To help our students achieve this, we utilize a variety of Pilates equipment and expertly guide our students through each exercise to give them a deeply personal and transformative Pilates experience.

Our students come to us from all backgrounds, levels of Pilates experience and range in age. The fibre that connects them all is a desire to feel stronger both in body and mind. 

If you share our passion for this deeply rewarding and transformative practice, we would love to hear from you. 

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