Oliver teaching student at Tone Pilates

Who We Are

Our mission is to help people unlock their true physical potential and achieve mastery over their bodies.

Our skillful and attentive instructors guide our students through an authentic Classical Pilates practice that’s designed to strengthen and enliven the body, mind and spirit.


Set in an intimate and encouraging space, our students are expertly guided through each exercise with precision to give them a deeply personal, empowering and transformative workout.


Our founder Oliver Giving came to Pilates as many do: through injury. But discovered himself and his calling through his practice. A purveyor of Joseph Pilates’ 100+ year old system, he developed an authentic Classical Pilates approach that our students say is as smart and effective, as it is invigorating and fun.

Through their practice our students are ignited with strength and grace.

With each muscle contraction, they build mental and physical strength, stability and stamina, as they tune their body and learn how to harness their true power.


We believe in the transformative power of an authentic Classical Pilates practice. Our students come to us from all backgrounds, levels of Pilates experience and range in age. We support each other through challenges, celebrate each other’s wins, laugh, sweat and have fun together. We are a community of expert tuners driven by a desire to change our bodies and lives for the better.


We invite you to come and experience us.

Tune Your Body. Feel your Power.


Our progression system gives you a clear personalized path to work through as you unlock your true physical potential.


Your body is like an artisanally-crafted musical instrument. We teach you how to master it.


Our classically trained instructors guide you towards mastery with the highest quality Pilates equipment.

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Tone Pilates is moving away from Vancouver. The Vancouver studio is now closed.

Tone Pilates is moving away from Vancouver. The Vancouver studio is now closed.