Oliver Giving

Owner & Head Instructor

My experience with therapeutic movement began when I found Yoga in 1999. For thirteen years I maintained a disciplined daily practice, only missing a day or two each year. I also taught Hatha Yoga for five of these years.

In 2009, after running a half marathon, I acquired tendinitis in one of my knees. My physiotherapist explained that the muscles surrounding my knee weren’t strong enough to withstand all the running I had been doing. She recommended strength training as a long-term solution.

Here I got a personal trainer and began weight training. I loved the feeling of getting stronger and the tendinitis didn’t return. After a while however, both of my arms received injuries as a direct result of the weights. It was at this point that a friend of mine suggested Pilates.

Within a month of taking Pilates classes my arms were back to normal and I had a tremendous respect for this fitness system. I took classes for two years before enrolling in the Advanced Teacher Training Program at Pilates from the Center in North Vancouver. In June of 2015 I completed the (officially) 950-hour program (though I actually logged 1200 hours). I trained under the careful watch of Matilda Christensen, Veronica McClurg and Katherine Denham.

I think Pilates is a brilliant exercise system and it brings me joy to be able to share it.