Oliver Giving

Owner & Head Instructor

My experience with therapeutic movement began when I found Yoga in 1999. For thirteen years I maintained a disciplined daily practice, only missing a day or two each year. I also taught Hatha Yoga for five of these years.

In 2009, after running a half marathon, I acquired tendinitis in one of my knees. My physiotherapist explained that the muscles surrounding my knee weren’t strong enough to withstand all the running I had been doing. She recommended strength training as a long-term solution.

Here I got a personal trainer and began weight training. I loved the feeling of getting stronger and the tendinitis didn’t return. After a while however, both of my arms received injuries as a direct result of the weights. It was at this point that a friend of mine suggested Pilates.

Within a month of taking Pilates classes my arms were back to normal and I had a tremendous respect for this fitness system. I took classes for two years before enrolling in the Advanced Teacher Training Program at Pilates from the Center in North Vancouver. In June of 2015 I completed the (officially) 950-hour program (though I actually logged 1200 hours). I trained under the careful watch of Matilda Christensen, Veronica McClurg and Katherine Denham.

I think Pilates is a brilliant exercise system and it brings me joy to be able to share it.

Marlene Amado

Substitute Instructor

I became fascinated with the mind-body relationship early in my career. Having struggled with depression and anxiety as a teen, I found exercise to be an effective way to manage stress and subsequently found my niche leading fitness groups, coaching swimming and eventually becoming a certified Pilates teacher in 2002.

Cycling and Pilates continued to be a powerful means to diffuse stress during university as well as pre and post pregnancy. My interest and study of movement eventually led to discovering Classical Pilates. The immersion in Classical training and the dramatic psychophysical results spurred the completion of my second Pilates certification in 2015 in the Advanced Program at the world-renowned Pilates Center. I continue to find Classical Pilates the most comprehensive form of exercise that addresses biomechanical as well as behavioural quandaries.

With a relentlessly positive mindset, I help my clients overcome fears and limiting beliefs through movement education and through helping clients accomplish physically challenging goals set out by the Pilates repertoire.