Our Studio is Equipped with the Highest Quality Classical Pilates Equipment.

Our instructors expertly guide you through each exercise to reawaken dormant muscle cells and activate new areas of your brain. This allows you to achieve mastery over your mind and complete control of your body.

Balanced Body IQ Reformers

Balanced Body New York Boxes

Balanced Body Jumpboards

Balanced Body Springboard Towers

Balanced Body Centerline Chairs

Gratz Pedi Poles

Tone Pilates Custom Platform Mats

Balanced Body Ecowise Pilates Mats

MELT Method Foam Rollers

Halfmoon Foam Yoga Blocks

Tone Pilates Custom Gondola Poles

Balanced Body Wedges

Balanced Body Foam Wedges

Balanced Body Magic Circles (Regular)

Balanced Body Magic Circles (Mini)

Halfmoon Rectangular Bolsters

Tone Pilates Custom Wrist Roll Up Devices

Handmaster Pluses

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