Fully Equipped Classical Pilates Classes, Anywhere

Tone Pilates is Vancouver’s first all-mobile Pilates studio, offering Classical Pilates classes in private, duet and small group format. We are deeply committed to the health and well-being of our clients and bring our passion for health & fitness to each and every class we teach.

It is our firm belief that anyone can reach their potential for physical wellness, and we want to help you get there.

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As a professional contemporary dancer and yoga teacher, I have had the opportunity to study with some great movement teachers. Oliver is one of these teachers. He teaches from a deep understanding of Pilates in his own body. His special strength is being able to give me just the right image to work with. I always leave a session with Oliver with some new and transformative way to think about a particular element of my Pilates practice. I also leave having accomplished much more difficult movement than I thought was possible, and all without ever feeling pushed outside of my comfort zone.”

Kate Franklin
Kate FranklinProfessional Dancer & Yoga Instructor

“I would highly recommend Oliver to anyone beginning Pilates. Oliver is an encouraging, energetic, caring teacher who communicates his instructions clearly and concisely. As a beginner, I was never lost on what to do. He worked sensitively with my injuries and inspired me to continue to learn more about Pilates.”

Catherine Wilcox
Catherine WilcoxRegistered Clinical Counsellor

Oliver Giving helped me to achieve my fitness goals with his Pilates instruction. What I liked about the lessons were the pace and his positivity. He made it a fun and effective way to get fit and lead a healthy lifestyle!”

Emily Trann
Emily TrannStudent and Server

“Oliver is an thoughtful and sensitive Pilates instructor. He was able to challenge me physically while staying within the limits of my postpartum body. His attention to detail kept me focused on my body throughout the movements and he was always able to modify the movement if necessary.”

Jennifer Keefer
Jennifer KeeferPhysiotherapist